A cohesive team dedicated to solving hard problems.

What We Do

Clostra uses state-of-the-art machine & deep learning to create innovative software for finance, defense, medicine, business and more. We leverage our exceptional expertise in multiple AI fields to combine techniques from different disciplines, letting us take advantage of a wide range of research and progress.

Leveraging techniques that are years away from entering the main-stream, we open up a range of powerful software solutions solving diverse sets of problems. From deep learning to genetic algorithms; we're pushing the line between science and fiction.

Why Choose Us?

Clostra's leading technologist-driven team can design, build, and apply machine intelligence to your business, enabling you to do more.

Harnessing technology on the bleeding edge of AI research, our platform, expertise, and experience will enable any enterprise to utilize its data to deliver new insights, optimize performance, and maximize efficiency.

Work with Clostra

Clostra is made of the most talented, hardworking, and visionary people in their fields. From technical writers, to engineers and developers, to marketers, administrators and in every other position, we want the best of the best, and our visionary technologists set the standard.

What we build matters. Whether we allow helicopters and their pilots to “see” better, proactively discover network anomalies, work with partners to solve virtual reality sickness, or help people communicate in disasters and protests, what we create makes a difference in the world.

As we look for the right people, we want experienced, top-of-their-class sort of people who can produce results in a talented group environment while sharing their knowledge and ideas. We value employee’s voices, and we listen.

If you believe you can thrive in a fast-moving group of talented people, and if you like solving puzzles and real-world problems, we want to hear from you! Our work ethic is strong. Our commitment runs deep. What we create matters. Come join us, and love both what you do and where you do it!

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