What we do:

Our world-class ML platform and products enable your enterprise to succeed.

Build AI

Your great ideas, our AI platform.
A winning combination.

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Decentralized Content Delivery for Everyone, Everywhere.

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Create Companies

Your data, our AI platform.
Faster to market for you.

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Machine Intelligence...
for every model of modern business

Clostra AI allows you to utilize your data and communication to grow your business.

Applications, analytics,
and algorithms, applied.

Solutions for more revenue, greater efficiency, or new AI opportunities altogether. With Clostra AI, anything is possible.


What is Clostra?

From our world-class, dynamic, and distributed team to our global partners, this is who we are.

Complex Problems.
Effortless Solutions.

We're a team relentlessly dedicated to applying Machine Intelligence to enterprises including Business, Medicine, Defense, and Communication.

We work with partners in private and public fields to do what we do best—
solve hard problems.

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Our Values

At Clostra, our goal and first value is to provide high-quality, usable results for our customers...

Success is measured in impact. You have the passion and drive to focus on the mission. You think about the purpose of your actions and work to advance the interests of the company. You have a strong drive to accomplish real things.



The work we do is a means to solve customers’ problems, a tool to affect the world with, and a building block towards the growth and stability of the company. We iterate and go with whatever brings good results, even if it's unexpected.


Clostra's leading technologist-driven team can design, build, and apply machine intelligence to your business, enabling you to do more.

Harnessing technology on the bleeding edge of AI research, our platform, expertise, and experience will enable any enterprise to utilize its data to deliver new insights, optimize performance, and maximize efficiency.


Clostra is made of the most talented, hardworking, and visionary people in their fields. From technical writers, to engineers and developers, to marketers, administrators and in every other position, we want the best of the best, and our visionary technologists set the standard.

What we build matters. Whether we allow helicopters and their pilots to “see” better, proactively discover network anomalies, work with partners to solve virtual reality sickness, or help people communicate in disasters and protests, what we create makes a difference in the world.

As we look for the right people, we want experienced, top-of-their-class sort of people who can produce results in a talented group environment while sharing their knowledge and ideas. We value employee’s voices, and we listen.

If you believe you can thrive in a fast-moving group of talented people, and if you like solving puzzles and real-world problems, we want to hear from you! Our work ethic is strong. Our commitment runs deep. What we create matters. Come join us, and love both what you do and where you do it!

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Why Clostra?

Work with a trusted team led by world-renowned technologists and engineers.


Through denying attackers the possibility to breach your customer's data.


Clostra's speed reflects our efficiency. Get projects done, on time, and on budget.


Our technology is mission-oriented, lightweight, and flexible.


Your business is unique. Our solutions tailor to it.

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Introducing Keymaker

KEYMAKER employs deep machine learning that helps you understand why actions happen—whether they happen on your web site, on your manufacturing floor, in your marketing department, or anywhere else from which you need information both about internal and external actions.

Continuously monitoring and analyzing. Keymaker combines the functions of an operational, strategic, and analytical reporting dashboard by harnessing the power of deep learning powered by AI.

Once thought out of reach, Keymaker allows you to apply multi-faceted, AI based analytics- driven monitoring to all your networks, systems, and processes.

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Introducing NewNode

Decentralized Content Delivery for
Everyone, Everywhere.

NewNode is the premier decentralized peer-to-peer content delivery protocol, enabling data distribution free from censorship, spying, and attack.

NewNode seamlessly builds a decentralized content distribution network which is quickly and easily deployed by publishers, transparent to users, and greatly improves overall network performance.

• NewNode radically democratizes content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralized peer-to-peer networks.

• NewNode allows app content to reach users even if the source is blocked or censored.

• NewNode is a fast and reliable content distribution system uniquely resistant to censorship, DDoS attacks, and
 other types of disruption.

• NewNode is built using secure industry-wide standards and takes advantage of BitTorrent’s 250 Million user base to bootstrap its distribution network.

• NewNode is quick and easy for app developers to implement and invisible to the end user.

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Public Partners

Clostra works with U.S. federal partners to enable their AI usage.