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Early Days

In the early days of content distrubution, a single server farm transmitted data to apps and users. This system caused major network congestion at key bottlenecks, opened obvious cyberattack vulnerabilities, and scaled poorly.


Centralized Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) evolved to circumvent some of these limitations, feeding data to apps from geographically proximate servers. While the increased number of servers reduced network congestion, it did not eliminate it. This system failed to constrain possible censorship and proved expensive to scale and maintain.

The Future, Now

The state-of-the-art is NewNode’s Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN). NewNode-enabled app may receive and transmit content from other apps without affecting the end-user experience. A large and ever-changing dynamic network of peers makes censorship impossible, while no CDN maintenance costs and automatic scalability as an app's user base expands makes NewNode free to implement. This eliminates most types of network congestion.

Why NewNode?

NewNode is the premier decentralized, peer-to-peer content delivery protocol.

Faster Delivery

NewNode delivers content faster and more reliably than traditional CDNs by using robust and dynamic peer-to-peer networks with multiple connections.


NewNode uses industry-standard cryptographic technologies and a hardened framework to secure content against snooping and cyberattacks.


NewNode’s decentralized network circumvents oversight by oppressive regimes, rebuffs corporate interference, and is impossible to block or censor.


NewNode uses a global network of mobile devices and doesn’t rely on centralized servers which are easy to pinpoint, monitor, attack, and control.

How NewNode Works

NewNode seamlessly builds a decentralized content distribution network that is quickly and easily deployed by publishers, transparent to users, and greatly improves overall network performance.

Delivering content used to be
expensive, vulnerable, and unreliable...

Then we created NewNode. Here's how it works.

1. The NewNode protocol is added to virtually any app by developers like you.

2. Your users join the ranks of millions of other peers in the rapidly growing NewNode Network.

3. You and your users can now communicate utilizing peer-to-peer connectivity, with complete decentralization.

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It's the new way.

• Radically democratize content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralized peer-to-peer networks.

• Allow app content to reach users even if the source is blocked or censored.

• Use fast and reliable content distribution uniquely resistant to censorship, DDoS attacks, and
other types of disruption.

• Secure your content with industry standard encryption.

• Take advantage of BitTorrent’s 250 Million user base.

...all while a breeze to implement and invisible to the end user.

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Implementing NewNode

Implementation is quick, easy, and guided by our engineers. Licensing is required to use NewNode for non-opensource purposes.

NewNode in Your App

Quickly and easily intergrate NewNode into your app with the assistance of our engineers.

Use the Network

Utilize all NewNode users accross all apps that use our technology for your communications. Ensure a reliable network and dCDN.

Build the Network

Empower your users by enabling them to join the NewNode network. Your users will be able to access your content, with or without internet.

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NewNode is flexible, multifacted, and infintely applicable.

Start moving content
safely, quickly, and securely.

Get in touch and let's talk about how NewNode can work for your project, enterprise, or app.

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