Why Clostra?

Work with a trusted team led by world-renowned technologists and engineers.


Through denying attackers the possibility to breach your customer's data.


Clostra's speed reflects our efficiency. Get projects done, on time, and on budget.


Our technology is mission-oriented, lightweight, and flexible.


Your business is unique. Our solutions tailor to it.

The Process

Clostra works with your people to bring AI-driven ideas to reality.

Analyze the Problem

First, we must understand your business. No one-size-fits-all solution exists no matter what other people may say. Clostra’s personnel spend the necessary time to understand your business and to define solutions for your business problems. Your vision combined with Clostra’s AI-knowledge merged with all of us understanding what issues we need to solve drives a coordinated effort to create the solution that’s right for you.

Develop a Custom Machine Intelligence Solution

After clearly understanding your business issues, Clostra sets out to develop what works best for you. We may find multiple solutions, and determined by overall needs, budgets, and complexity, we work with you to choose the best. You bring a deep understanding of your business and your business issues while Clostra assembles a team of world-class technologists to deliver usable, workable software solutions that achieve ambitious goals and enable your business to thrive on machine intelligence. Partnership. You can count on us.

Implement the Solution into your Business

Clostra will not leave you floundering. We support you throughout understanding the issues, creating the solution, implementing the software, and growing its use. We know you can’t spend all your time on solutions—you must continue developing and selling your products. That’s why you can count on Clostra to understand, lead, guide, and support you all along the way. Clostra. Your business solutions partner setting the standard for Machine Intelligence—Applied.

Applications, analytics,
and algorithms, applied.

Solutions for more revenue, greater efficiency, or new AI opportunities altogether. With Clostra AI, anything is possible.