At Clostra, our goal and first value is to provide high-quality, usable results for our customers.

Success is measured in impact. You have the passion and drive to focus on the mission. You think about the purpose of your actions and work to advance the interests of the company. You have a strong drive to accomplish real things.


The work we do is a means to solve customers’ problems, a tool to affect the world with, and a building block towards the growth and stability of the company. We iterate and go with whatever brings good results, even if it's unexpected.

How we do it...

Integrity is simply doing the right thing when nobody is watching. Clostra is a fully remote company and operates with a high level of trust—we are looking for people who honor that trust. You have strong principles. You can admit mistakes and speak the truth when it's uncomfortable.


We create software that makes the world a better place. Integrity means doing things the right way even when it's not easy in the short term. It means staying true to our values and our mission at all times. We act with transparency, openness, and honesty in every relationship and commitment.

You have high expectations for yourself and your work. You have good ideas and see them through. When others have better ideas, you embrace them. You strive for excellence in everything. You have the courage to find the way to do things right.


Everything we deliver is good. We finish what we start, we go above and beyond for our customers, we improve constantly. We are willing to change how we do things to be better. We have high standards for our products and we meet them.

You have practical ingenuity and initiative. ’Not invented here’ is a good thing if it solves the customer’s problem. You are able to let go of directions that don’t work out. You stay focused on doing the right work and find a way.


We solve the customer's problem. We find practical, cost-effective solutions to existing needs. Infrastructure and tools we build are purposeful and specific. Excellence and practicality allow us to create amazing and reliable results now.

You are committed to Clostra, the customers, your colleagues, and your work. You are reliable. You care deeply about the extraordinary products we create. You are prepared to invest deeply into building something that lasts—for you, for the company, and for the customers.


We earn your loyalty. Clostra strives to be a company where people build careers and lives and only leave because they’re retiring. We build stable, collaborative relationships today and expand them to continue serving our customers for many years to come. We plan for years, but we think in decades.

You demonstrate respect at all times for one another and those we come in contact with. You think about the effects your actions have on other people’s work environments. You take responsibility for your actions.


We do right by you. We do right by our customers. We hold ourselves accountable as a company. We create an environment where everyone is heard. We cherish the trust we have with our customers and our employees.