At Clostra, we hold the keys to the future of AI.


Let's make tomorrow, today.

AI Software.

At Clostra, we're pushing the boundary of science and fiction using innovative software solutions empowered by innovative AI advancements.

Cognitive Training.

We're beating dementia, improving cognitive ability, and preventing age-related neurodegeneration with the power of mobile games.

Freedom Tech Project.

The Freedom Tech Project is fighting against oppressive regimes blocking content—meaning people will self-censor less, and self-express more.

Salmon farm defense Artifical Intelligence aystem diagram.

A.I Software.


Clostra uses state-of-the-art machine & deep learning to create innovative software for finance, defense, and medicine. We leverage our exceptional expertise in multiple AI fields to combine techniques from different disciplines, letting us take advantage of a wide range of research and progress.

Leveraging techniques that are years away from entering the main-stream, we open up a range of powerful software solutions solving diverse sets of problems. From deep learning to genetic algorithms; we're pushing the line between science and fiction.

Completely scalable.
Rigorously tested.
Innovative architecture.

Cognitive Training.


Using our innovative mobile games, we're applying decades of peer reviewed research to enable people to live longer, healthier, and smarter lives. Playing just a few minutes of these ground-breaking cognitive training apps has been shown to drastically decrease the chance of getting Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

From our interoperation of the famous Kim's Game, to our research-backed N-back game Previous; our iOS apps are designed specifically to target some subset of neurodegeneration and associated afflictions.

Measurable effect.
Rigorously peer-reviewed.
In-depth research.
Positively received.
Hong Kong, site of the Admiralty Protests, which were heavily empowered by the free and open internet.

Freedom Tech Project.


Freedom Tech Project creates a decentralized content distribution network which uses peers to securely bypass censorship and deliver content faster. It works to enable independent media, activists, opposition politicians, and nonprofit organizations in restrictive countries to have their voices heard. Freedom Tech Project is easy to use for developers and seamless for users.

With easy-to-use means of making content available despite blocking, people will self-censor less. We are fighting attempts to stop the free flow of ideas both by delivering content which restrictive regimes attempt to block and by making blocking less effective so censors don’t want to embarrass themselves.

Globally accessible.
Empowering people.
Opening the internet.
Driving meaningful change.

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